Alima Pure


This award wining Satin Matte Foundation is my favorite go-to foundation to set my makeup. It comes in 45 shades from light to deep. I find it’s so pigmented that I don’t need to even touch up throughout the day!

If you’re unsure about your color match, they have curated foundation sample sets, which is a brilliant idea. No guessing.

AP “Satin Matte Foundation is designed to provide weightless buildable coverage. Gently sweep the foundation across your skin in smooth, circular motions until blended. From the first application, you’ll notice how easily this natural foundation blends with your skin tone, enhances your complexion, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and pores. And with 45 shades, there’s a match for almost everyone. Try it for precise spot application where you need it most—under eye circles, blemishes, or redness. The result is a smooth matte finish with a subtle glow.”

~My favorite eye pencil color is the Slate. I love that this formula lasts all day, really highlights my eye color and is made with soothing natural oils, waxes and Chamomile extract to protect my delicate eye area. It glides on smoothly and blends perfectly!

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Finding Beauty & Joy in Simplicity, has enabled me to live my own kind of beautiful life. Spending time in nature, reading , writing , research, travel & a holistic lifestyle are priorities. After of course, my devotion + love for my family, friends and the fact that I’m crazy about animals. My intention for creating Musings of Kathleen is to have an inspiring online journal of ideas for Beauty, Wellness, Style & Musings, for the Ageless Woman.

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  1. Appreciate your wise words about self care. It is so easy to get caught up in the hub bub of the holidays and forget to take care of ourselves. Haven’t used a sugar scrub in several years. Need to remedy that right away. And a few minutes in the sun can about cure anything that’s ailing me. Thank you for the good advice.

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