“Mom, You Really Need To Start Your Own Blog”

lauren-mancke-60627.jpgWhen my daughter, Britanie of https://beautybybritanie.com had enough of me always making remarks about how many websites were geared more to the “younger generation”, she finally said those magic words, “Mom You Really Need To Start Your Own Blog!” Britanie even came up with the name! And so I began….

It happened in baby steps. We attended the Indie Beauty Expo in New York City two years ago and I was incredibly inspired by all the powerful and exceptional business owners creating natural and organic products. I felt like finally there was a place where my personal values and integrity surrounding business meshed. The two of us met so many wonderful and inspiring people that night.  Back at the hotel room, Britanie told I needed my own Instagram account and offered to help me set it up. I was so nervous about “going public” with my ideas and photos and the possibility that perhaps not one person would “like” anything I put out into cyberspace!  But I took the chance, and have had so much fun online since taking that first baby step. Suddenly, everything I looked and found interesting I wanted to share with my followers!

Social media really can be a great hobby, and for me, a chance to otherwise meet and talk with people that I wouldn’t ordinarily cross paths with on a daily basis in my line of work. 

I work as an Office Manager in a company of 40 men, so ruminating about pretty photos of flowers, and philosophical quotes about life,  is not one of the daily topics of conversation! Anyway, long story short, my foray into social media began quietly and with the first step of “putting myself out there” with an Instagram account.

Recently I took the plunge and created my new website. My intention for creating Musings of Kathleen, is because I want to reach other women, like myself who have approached mid-life (o.k, o.k, I’m 58) so I’m closer to that “other” age! But I digress, I want to share some of the products, thoughts, and ideas I’ve discovered with other women in the hopes that I can inspire others to live a more natural, authentic & happy life. I’ve found things that have helped me along the way, so perhaps I can pass on my knowledge and empower another.

One thing I’ve come to realize, is what my 85 year old beautiful Mom has always told me, “You know before you realize it, you will look back and say, “where did all the time go”?! So I say,  begin anywhere, just start!

I want to continue to live an empowered life with no regrets and to hopefully make a positive impact and impression on the way others live. One of my favorite quotes that I refer to often is this one by Ralph Waldo Emerson: “Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.”

And I would add to that, if it makes you happy to write and share what’s in your heart and mind with others, then just do it! There is someone out there that you very possibly may impact in a positive way you never could have imagined…. 

XO Kathleen

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