Welcome! I’m so happy you stopped by. I wanted to create a place to share some of my musings on beauty, lifestyle and wellness.

Beauty is found in simplicity in all things. When we get rid of the unnecessary distractions in our lives….anything that no longer serves us, we open ourselves up to receive peace of mind and true fulfillment. Beauty is an energy that radiates out of our being to affect everyone we come in contact with. There is a magnetic draw to a woman that feels confident in herself and knows how valuable she is.  That is true beauty and it’s created by a life well-lived and with a well-loved body nurtured by organic healthy food, restorative sleep, holistic living and love of family and friends.

Beauty will find you when you open up your heart to your true self and are able to express your unique essence with the people in your life that you love and that love you back. 

I see your beauty.

With Love,