What’s for Breakfast

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Working full-time as the Office Manager for a busy company with 40+ employees doesn’t leave a lot of time for complicated breakfasts. So on most weekdays, I rely on easy nutritious breakfasts that help me get out the door quickly. My regular choice (for a while now), has been VEGA One All -In-One Nutritional Shake in the Chocolate Flavor. I love that I can add and subtract ingredients depending on what I have in my refrigerator or freezer. Here is how I make my morning shake:

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One 10 oz. cup of spring water

One scoop of Vega Powder

1/4 cup of frozen organic pomegranate kernels

1/4 cup of chopped organic frozen kale

One scoop (in container) of MegaFood Daily C-Protect

 A sprinkle of cinnamon~ helps with blood sugar control

I combine all these ingredients in my Vitamix Blender (best product ever) for a quick blending.

Some of the benefits of this combination:

Vega One is made from whole food ingredients. With 20 g of Protein, 6 servings of greens, vitamins & minerals (50 % of daily intake), Fiber (27% of daily intake), Omega-3 (1.5g), Antioxidants (1000 ORAC), and probiotics (1 Billion). It packs a lot of goodness in one scoop and I digest this quickly and love the taste.

Pomegranate Kernels supply Vitamin C.

Kale supplies Vitamins A, C, and K with fiber.

MegaFood Daily C-Protect contains Vitamin C with super fruits including blueberries, cranberries and has a spectrum of immune boosting antioxidants including bioflavonoids and anthocyanins. Organic astragalus and Schisandra Berry (herbs renowned for their body rejuvenating and immune strengthening properties) are also added.

Vega One All-In-One Nutritional Shake $37.99

MegaFood Daily C-Protect $17.97

Weekends are for entirely different options, and there is a local restaurant that sources organic and sustainable ingredients that I love to frequent for brunch. It’s important to me to support the small business owners that live, work, and thrive in my small community.