Find Joy in Simplicity


If you are navigating your life on autopilot then it’s time to stop and begin deliberately living life with a renewed appreciation for the finding JOY in Simplicity.

When you make this a daily practice you will start to feel a curiosity and joy like you’ve never before experienced. The French call this: Joie de Vivre. Translation: “The Joy of Life.”

It’s a living meditation of sorts. You slow down, take a deep breath and begin to focus on what’s right in front of you. You start living and being in the  present moment.  Simplicity will amuse you.  Nature will excite you. You will find unlimited examples of beauty all around you.

Beauty exists everywhere! And so does the possibility of feeling joy. A flower breaking through the hardened ground when Spring arrives. A beautiful meal you’ve prepared for a loved one. Your child’s smile. The way your dog looks at you like you’re the greatest human being that ever lived….You know when you experience joy because you  feel delighted and absolutely full of happiness. What I’ve found to be true is that this can be something you can start feeling more of,  if you increase your awareness of the simple pleasures of life. The ones that choosing a lifestyle of simplicity will offer you.

When you live with a mindset of gratitude and in a state of looking for beauty, you will find it.

Universal Truth: That which you focus on….you will have more of. So choose to find the beauty in every…thing. You won’t be disappointed.