Four Magazines I’m Currently Enjoying


~Nourished Journal  Edition 4:

So, this holistically inspired magazine has turned out to be my #1 favorite in the lot. Published bi-annually, this is an absolutely gorgeous magazine with content that is intelligent, inspiring and thought provoking. There are interviews with people like: Lacy Phillips from Free + Native, April Gargiulo, Vintner’s Daughter, Kari Jansen, Poppy & Someday, Martha Soffer, Surya Spa and more innovators. The photography is mesmerizing, and I feel like I’ve genuinely “learned” something new after reading each enlightened article. So happy I discovered this! (Thanks Beauty By Britanie!) The travel stories have me motivated and ready to pack my bags….. This is my kind of reading material.

Contents~ Grounded. Beauty. Spirit. Wellbeing.  Fare. Voyage. + Wares.

This keepsake, outstanding lifestyle publication should be savored over and over again.

~Darling Magazine Issue No.18:

Darling Magazine celebrates, the “Art of being a Woman”, and does so with passion! In Issue No.18 on pages 16 + 17, it boldly states, “NONE Of THE WOMEN IN THIS MAGAZINE HAVE BEEN RETOUCHED.” I’m so impressed with that statement and not sure I’ve ever seen that claim in a magazine before. BRAVA! Stunning photography, 163 pages packed with feature articles with categories called:

The Dreamer. The Achiever. The Hostess. The Intellectual. The Stylist. The Confidant. The Beautician, + The Explorer

My favorite article is on page 118 titled: No Longer The Trashy Kind

In it, is a thought provoking discussion about, “sensationalism”, as being the most popular, publicly peddled drug out there. Oh, how I agree! I don’t read mainstream newspapers, nor do I read commercial magazines. I find the “news” really isn’t anything newsworthy, but instead negative,  overstimulating, and just plain old depressing, thank you very much. And the commercial magazines, to me, just a concentrated ploy to encourage over consumption of pretty much….e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.

Darling Magazine does it differently. It’s an women empowering magazine and I’m a permanent subscriber.

~Santa Barbara Magazine Spring 2017:

Enter my “guilty pleasure”....Have you ever dreamed of living in a far off enchanted place (even if you haven’t yet visited the destination)?  I have, and after many trips to California, I still have not been able to have a stay in Santa Barbara. I’ve heard so much about the area, looked at many online photos, etc., but until I’m able to book my trip, I’m subscribed to Santa Barbara Magazine. It’s so well done, with swoon-worthy photography and photos of local gourmet restaurants and shops. The article on page 126, titled, Petal Pushers/ Hooked on the beauty of botanicals , by: L.D. Porter is stunning.

I can’t wait to book my trip and experience this area in all it’s glory.

~Belong Magazine Issue 06:

Belong Magazine  is described as, “the art + community of blogging, social media + entrepreneurship.” And indeed it is. This is a quarterly digital and print magazine that has an Editor, Brooke Saxton-Spencer that knows what she’s doing! Issue 06 is dedicated to exploring, “thresholds”, metaphorically speaking. If you are celebrating (or distressed) about change, unsure of what the next step is for you, then this is a great issue to get you to move past the fear. Change is inevitable.
This magazine is packed with motivating articles for the person that has an entrepreneurial spirit and drive. I loved the article on page 29 titled: How to Overcome the Need to Prove Yourself, by Transformational Coach and Writer, Brandilyn Tebo. Very empowering read! As Brandilyn says, “When we let go of the goals that we thinnk we have to do to prove ourselves, it creates a void, and what we really care about fills it’s place.” Makes so much sense to me.
Belong Magazine wants women to use their passions for a purpose, to inspire to be authentic, to be life-giving and to encourage one another. “We want women to know that they are enough, that they matter and that they have a place. They belong.”
I do too!! (hand clapping)….