Lotus Wei Shower of Orchids Elixir


The Lotus Wei Shower of Orchids Flower Elixir, comes to us from a tropical climbing vine, (not actually from or related to an Orchid) that is native to Thailand. This flower helps us to recognize our innate wisdom and inspires us to ask, “What is my contribution to the world. How am I offering value?” 

L.W. “Shower of Orchids Elixir is known to, dissolve fear, and any doubts related to purpose, adequacy, fear of aging or not making a mark. Shower of Orchids hones our power of observation, awakens our sense of knowingness and helps us to see the wealth of our contributions to the world.”

What is a Flower Essence? According to the dictionary, it’s a substance prepared from a flowering plant and used therapeutically for it’s alleged benefits.

How do you take them? Lotus Wei recommends enjoying 5 drops under the tongue 5 times each day until the bottle is finished; or to put 25 drops in your water bottle each morning and drink throughout the day.

How do they taste? I love the taste so much that I’ve been teased by my daughter, Britanie Faith, http://beautybybritanie.com , that I tend to “overdue” it. Yes, that good.

As Katie Hess, the Founder of Lotus Wei explains, ” Flower Alchemy is simply another way of receiving the nourishing properties of plants – but instead of taking in oxygen, you’re taking in pure flower essences, suspended in water-liquid energy that transforms your mood + your mind through your acupuncture meridians.”

My Thoughts: There is something “magical” about the elixirs from Lotus Wei. For me I truly feel as though these formulas have changed my life. I feel calmer, happier and take things in stride more. Not sure if this is even possible, but I feel like the flower essences have helped naturally to lower my blood pressure. I have to ask Katie about this possibility and if she’s ever heard this claim from any of her clients. But for me, I can’t be without these delicious tasting petals drops. 

“For every mood + feeling, there is a flower. Choose a flower, and change your life.” LW


*Opinions are my own. As with any product discussed here, I am giving my personal experience. I write for information purposes, never to recommend or treat any health condition.