HENNE Organics

I love to exfoliate my lips and have added this into my self-care personal beauty routine. Because lips have such a thin skin barrier, they lose moisture quickly. I find that when I exfoliate a few times a week, my lips feel softer and my lipstick application goes on much smoother. I apply quite generously even above my lips to help diminish the small lines that can develop above the lip area.

Henne Rose Diamonds is a deliciously sweet naturally scented formula. All you have to do is simply, apply to damp lips, gently massage, and leave on for a minute, then rinse with warm water. Pat dry and enjoy the softest lips ever.


USDA Certified Organic Ingredients: Sugar, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Vanilla Flavor, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Red Chokeberry, Rose Oil.

I personally love this luxury brand because they too, see the beauty in simplicity!

Founder, Laura Xiao, has developed a lovely indie brand, and I love to support women owned small business.

Our vision is to reintroduce a splash of luxury into the everyday without sacrificing design, ethics or one’s health. A modern and minimalistic approach replaces standard lip care products with something extraordinary. We hope that every time you open a jar of Henne, you experience a moment of indulgence and bliss.”

(I do!)



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