Unwind. Relax. Create. with Essential Oils

roman-kraft-98548.jpgI adore essential oils for the many  uses these powerful gifts from nature deliver. Essential oils are wonderful helpful tools in a healthy lifestyle. From creating your own skincare products tailored to your specific skin type, to diffusing an oil of choice into your home to invoke a certain benefit. Using essential oils can even help you to take relaxation breaks throughout your day. A restful mind is a happy mind.

I rather enjoy simplicity, so a few drops of lavender on a cotton pad and I’m in flower heaven. I use only therapeutic grade high quality brands like Organic Infusions. It’s incredible how essential oils trigger deep breathing and assist in calming everyday chaos and an overly stimulated mind.

When you inhale through your nose to completely fill your lungs with the scent and then you exhale through your mouth, you activate your autonomic nervous system. At the same time, you are also activating your parasympathetic system, which helps your body to fully relax and unwind.

My favorite from Organic Infusions is Lavender Essential oil with Argan :

Over the years I’ve purchased Lavender Oil (and many others) from Organic Infusions and one of the concoctions I created is an easy all organic face oil for my 57 year old sister. She absolutely adores the scent of Lavender! It reminds her of the lavender fields in France that we visited many years ago on our trip backpacking around Europe. (Emphasis on “many years ago”) She immediately feels happy when she smells the face oil. The olfactory senses in humans are profound and one whiff of a particular scent can invoke immediate memories.

The quality is so good (the best I’ve found so far in my search). I add 15 drops of the Lavender into 1 oz of Argan, for the carrier oil. Every time she visits from Florida I make her a fresh batch. She has the most beautiful skin and rarely wears any makeup. She looks like she’s in her 30’s!

One of the best books I’ve found to help you step by step to incorporate essential oils into your wellness lifestyle is this book by Hope Gillerman

Essential Oils Everyday / Rituals and Remedies for Healing, Happiness and Beauty

Hope Gillerman gives the best advice and recipes for creating every single thing you can imagine for your living your best holistic lifestyle in this keepsake book. She also offers ready made blends you can purchase for specific health challenges, skincare gift sets and even Meditation Body Oil.

I keep finding and trying new ways to incorporate her advice about essential oils into my life. She’s rather a genius and pioneer in the field in my opinion.

I love sharing my favorite essential oils and how I use them in my beauty, skincare, and lifestyle!

XO Kathleen