Laurel Whole Plant Organics Facial Mask

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This Facial Mask~ Honey Berry Enzyme, just happens to me not only one of my top favorites, but it’s got a cult status worldwide following! It’s really really good….

Featuring Royal Jelly, (a bee secretion that is well known for it’s anti-aging benefits), is high in Vitamin B and is considered a super antioxidant.

Organic Strawberries and Blueberries are used for their enzymes and cleansing actions as well as antioxidant content. Raw Honey is hydrating and plumping as well as has antimicrobial benefits to help control breakouts.

Organic and therapeutic grade essential oil of grapefruit is included to firm the skin and brighten your spirit.

Full Ingredient List:

Honey, Royal Jelly, Strawberry, Blueberry, + Grapefruit essential oil. All organic ingredients.

What skin type is it good for? Mildly Sensitive (that would be me), Combination, Normal, and Mature.

How I apply this mask and how often~

I use this product once per week for a mild exfoliation and for extra hydration. I start with a clean face, moisten my face and fingertips, then apply 1 tsp. to my face and neck with and gently massage into the skin. I leave it on (it’s on right now as I’m writing this review!), then rinse with warm water. I always lightly pat dry and then spritz my skin with rose water for a final step.

I love this mask. It smells delightful, lasts a long time, and  really makes my face feel silky soft. There are only 5 power packed ingredients, which for me with troubling Rosacea, is a good thing. As per usual, less is always more.

$54.00 50 ml. jar.

The beautiful Laurel, owner, formulator and plant communicator is the driving force behind this hugely successful women-owned small business. If you’re lucky enough to life in the San Francisco, CA area you can book a facial with her specially trained staff. You can tell that Laurel loves what she does, because I swear you can literally “feel” the love in every one of her products in this highly coveted line of skincare treats.