Holistic Nutrition

My personal definition of holistic nutrition: Eating healthy food, as close to its natural state as possible for health and wellness. This means, finding unprocessed, organic + locally grown whole foods. Food provides the energy and nutrition we need to function properly and to help build strong bones, muscle, fat & blood. The nutrients we absorb from our food are essential for a healthy body and mind.

The most important part of holistic nutrition is incorporating seasonal natural foods in your diet as much as possible.  Vegetables, whole grains, fish, beans, nuts + seeds are the basics of a natural food diet. When I cook I use pink Himalayan sea salt, fresh herbs, (keep some growing in your kitchen for extra points! I keep an organic basil plant on my windowsill and use is almost on the daily!), spices, unrefined sesame oil, virgin olive oil, coconut oil + natural sweeteners like local maple syrup and honey. Use fresh fruits from the Farmer’s Market or your local Co-op, vegetables from veggie stands. I’m so lucky here in the Berkshires, because we have so many people that literally sell flowers and vegetables right from their gardens. There are small displays of mini-veggie stands everywhere and they are so reasonable. I love to support people that are so passionate about growing beautiful, high quality food!

Try and make a habit of trying out one to two new foods per week. As human beings, we get so used to rushing around with our busy schedules and we often default to buying the same foods each time we shop. I invite you to open your mind to just a few new options each week. There are so many various vegetables, fruits and spices that you can experiment with. And each brings with it micronutrients that our bodies need. With the internet at our fingertips, recipes for incorporating these new finds into foods we love for ourselves and families is easy. Experiment!

Holistic nutrition is designed to help heal your body, mind, and to cleanse your soul so that you may reach your own version of a  healthy lifestyle. For every person, the journey will be unique. Have fun experimenting to find what foods and lifestyle options fit your own kind of beautiful life. 

Some of my favorite cookbooks are below. 

Clean Food by Terry Walters

Change Your Brain, Change Your Body by Tana Amen and Daniel Amen

The Vitamix Cookbook by Jodi Berg

Meals Made Simple by Danielle Walker