Bridging The Gap #WeAreStrongerTogether Campaign Coming in 4 weeks

The first ever Bridge The Gap Campaign will launch!  We are uniting Millennial &  Midlife demographics to end divisions of all kinds. We want to change the world together and #bridgethegap.  Please join us in our quest, because after all, really, #wearestrongertogether!!! This project is the brainchild of entrepreneur, fashionista, and blogger extraordinaire, Catherine Grace O’Connell. You can read all about the very exciting project at:


 200 Influencers will come together to “Bridge the Gap” with each other. 100 Midlife Influencers & 100 Millennial Influencers will unite and post about the partner they were matched up with. We want to  send a compelling message to the world that is time to bridge the (age) gap. Our community has planned to go live with 200 blog posts connecting women to one another to prove that we are stronger together. There are so many misconceptions about Millennials as well as stereotypes surrounding those of us in Midlife. We want to break those barriers. We ARE breaking those barriers and we are going to prove it!

I’m personally excited about this because I get to write a blog post about my beautiful daughter, Britanie Faith. In our relationship we represent an example of how there shouldn’t be any gap between the ages, or “perception” of any significant differences.  Any that matter, per se, because in the end Love is Love no matter how many wrinkles I may or may not have! And to have preconceived notions that you “couldn’t possibly” have anything in common with a Millennial (or insert~Midlifer) is ludicrous.

Britanie is one of my best friends, as well as the daughter a Mom could only dream of having. But you can read more about that on October 17th!

Join us, and together let’s put an end to division, ageism, and celebrate ALL the ways we are alike.

Be Well,

XO Kathleen