Introducing BOOM!By Cindy Joseph

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Founder ~Cindy Joseph

I’m not sure that there is any person that wouldn’t be able to recognize the beautiful face of model and entrepreneur, Cindy Joseph. Whether gracing the cover of a magazine, modeling in a fashion shoot, or in any of the multiple advertising campaigns she’s been involved in. Think, Oil of Olay.

Cindy Joseph is famous worldwide for her successful career as a model, and as if that wasn’t enough, she went on to create her own natural skincare  & cosmetic line: BOOM by Cindy Joseph

I love that Cindy is proud of her 60+ years on earth. Her belief is that trying to hide your age, only makes you appear, well, desperate! Thick pasty makeup only accentuates wrinkles. We’ve all seen people trying to deny their age, and looking rather sad at the attempt. Who said wrinkles are a bad thing anyway? I think of them as smiling lines.  By keeping your skincare and makeup routine simple, you will let your true natural beauty shine through. No more hiding.

 Cindy Joseph is not afraid of aging. The face shows the individual story of a person and she proudly displays hers with grace and beauty. With her beautiful eyes, gray hair, laugh lines, and her strong fit body, she advocates for a natural and healthy look.

Here’s an idea….why don’t we as proud women “of a certain age”, be an example for younger women when they enter into middle age? Let’s show them we are happy, healthy, active, & living life with a positive attitude about aging. Wouldn’t that make more sense? Let’s start a revolution about not hiding our ages and instead, celebrate all the beauty,  wisdom, (and laugh lines),  that we have attained in our lives.

I never test out skincare or beauty products without first reading about the brand owner. I want to know that a business is ethical and practices what they preach. I invite you to have a look below at the products that I not only tested, but now use every day. When I was asked to test a few of their products, I happily agreed!

BOOM COTTON Unique Shine Control Moisturizer

I really like this product. COTTON has become my favorite night-time moisturizer. In the evening, after cleansing my skin and patting dry, I spritz my face with an organic hydrosol, apply a few drops of my favorite facial serum to my face, then apply a pearl sized amount of COTTON to my palms to warm up the formula. I then gently pat and lightly push into my face + neck area in an upward motion. I wake up to soft skin still feeling moisturized and plump. In the a.m. I simply splash my face with cold water and pat dry. You can also use this moisturizer anywhere on your body.

Ingredients:  Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Witch Hazel Extract, Organic Beeswax, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Christmas Berry, Honey, Vitamin E Oil.

 Boom Cotton, as well as the products in this skincare line are handmade in small batches by beekeepers in Hawaii.

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Here is another really great multi-use simple, natural, and organic product that you can keep in your purse to use on your lips, eyes, face, and neck. You can use GLO on cuticles and/or on any dry patches on your body.  The formula is very nourishing and healing. It’s a moisturizer in a stick form.

Ingredients: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Beeswax, Propolis, Pollen, and Raw Pupukea Wildflower Honey.

Cindy Joseph: ” I am interested in creating a new truth. I believe all women are attractive. It’s our nature. We bring fun, desire, and appetite to everything we do. When we find ourselves perfect, exactly as we are, we change our persona. That changes how others perceive us. Feeling good about who you are is attractive. Enjoying ourselves is attractive. The texture of our skin does not make us attractive. Our hair color does not make us attractive. Our clothes do not make us attractive. How we feel about ourselves and how much we are enjoying ourselves is what makes us truly attractive. When we embrace ourselves and life with joy, we become beautiful.”

I could not agree more!

XO Kathleen

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