Bridge the Gap Campaign

I could not be more excited to be part of this revolutionary, Bridge the Gap Campaign!! I’m thrilled to introduce the extraordinary Millennial, Britanie Faith. Britanie is the founder of the very popular Beauty, Fashion, and Wellness blog:

Britanie is not only my Millennial daughter, but my best friend! She and I are proof that age does not matter when it comes to the “important” things in life. We both have dared to break down common stereotypes, boundaries and perceptions and instead found on the other side: Friendship, Love, Compassion, Acceptance and Commonalities.

There are so many things that I admire about Britanie. Most of all, I admire her perseverance in the face of struggle and her tireless optimism.  I remember being her age, only I didn’t have to struggle with the health challenges that she so bravely faces in her daily life with chronic illness. She manages to keep such a beautiful outlook on life and never gives up trying to help others regain their health. On her website, she is admired and followed by millions of people around the world because of her combination of positivity, hope, and her beautiful unique personality and message… who you are now!

Britanie encourages and shows people how they too, can break out of their own categories to push through any limitation.  That no matter what the circumstances, you can learn to work with what you have and design a beautiful life and successful business around your individual gifts. She has personally inspired me and many other fellow Midlife Influencers to take a chance and dare to be free to be who we are. We are not some of the sad Midlife stereotypes that the media has portrayed over the years. We are NOT the Midlifers of the past! This is admittedly, unchartered waters ahead for all of us! Pretty exciting, right?? 

Britanie encouraged me to take a chance, break through the fear of “what if nobody likes what I have to say…”,  and have my voice heard! Because of her, I’ve created a place online that I’ve had more fun with over the past few months. I’ve connected with such interesting women of all ages around the world. It’s made me deeply realize how similar we all are to each other. Age means NOTHING. That three letter word cannot possibly encapsulate all that we as individuals hold within our hearts and minds. We are more than our age. Our experiences and attitudes are what makes us who we are. 

The Bridge the Gap Campaign is a wakeup call for awareness for every single person participating and reading about why 200 of us have come together for this special mission. 100 Millennials and 100 Midlife Influencers are united to drive home the messages: Drop the labels. Stop ageism. Celebrate similarities. Embrace differences. Don’t define us. We are stronger together. Age is only a number. Break boundaries. 

It’s our hope that by bringing attention to this subject, each one of us will open our lives and hearts to one another and realize that we CAN shift attitudes that limit us. Let’s work together to see the beauty in one another and to learn that we really aren’t that different after all. Each generation can teach us valuable lessons!

For my daughter, Britanie, I say, thank you for being YOU. I have learned so much from you. Seeing the beautiful life you’ve created in spite of the ups and downs you’ve had to deal with from the physical challenges you’ve personally had to face, is nothing short of a miracle. You just don’t give up, do you?! You face each day with an open light filled heart and do your best to influence people to be the best versions of themselves. Your message is heard the world over: Never try to conform to someone else’s perceptions of you…..break through….and design your own beautiful life. You’ve done that and should be very proud. XO

FullSizeRender (85)

Britanie Faith and her beloved Bichon, Bodie Lee

Bridge the Gap Campaign

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