“Christmas Waves a Magic Wand Over The World and Behold, Everything is Softer and More Beautiful.” NV Peale

Happy Holidays to everyone! This is one of my most favorite season in the year. I really do believe that everything does get softer and more beautiful at Christmas time.

I look forward to winter coming because once the mountains here in the Berkshires are covered with snow, everything calms down into a manageable pace. I feel like I can breathe again! 

Preparation for the Holidays has changed over the years for my family. We all decided years ago to not make it all about the acquisition of presents and more “stuff”…. We are so blessed already. Just being with each other and making memories is the gift.

Some of the best things about this special season to me are:

~Spending time with my beautiful family and friends~

~Pure white snow blanketing over the mountains in my back yard.~

~Christmas decorations and green foliage everywhere~

~The smell (and taste!) of cookies and baked goods available everywhere all dressed up in red, green, white and gold frosting~


~Decorating my small Christmas tree with white lights and handmade ornaments~


~Handmade Ceramic Nativity Scene~


~Hot chocolate with whipped cream and reading vintage books~


~Simply wrapped handmade presents under the tree~

May each of you find the beauty of the Holiday season in your own way. Sending you blessings, joy and love.

Kathleen xo

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