Before Your Morning Coffee~Do This Simple Ayurvedic Practice

FullSizeRender (28)Oil pulling is a simple detoxification technique involving swishing 1 tbsp. of cold-pressed, organic coconut or sesame oil in your mouth for around 10-15 minutes. You then spit out the oil (not in your sink) and follow with a tongue scraper. Rinse your mouth with clean, filtered water. It is believed in Ayurvedic Medicine that the toxins in the mouth are pulled into the oil during the swishing process, and spitting out results in the removal of the toxins. I use a Non-Gmo,  virgin cold pressed coconut oil because it tastes good and contains essential fatty acids & antioxidants that are healthy for teeth and gums. It really makes your mouth feel fresh. Some of the health benefits:

Whiter Teeth/ Reduces Bad Breath

Prevents Gum and Mouth Disease

Increases Energy

Detoxifies the Body

Keeps Skin Clear

Kills Bacteria

My thoughts: This is one of the easiest and fastest routines to encourage detoxification for the goal of  healthy teeth and gums. I do it first thing in the a.m. before my coffee. I love how it makes my mouth feel so fresh and clean and my teeth have become whiter as a result.

My favorite brand is:

XO Kathleen

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