Get Ready for 2019 With a Vision Board

There is such an exuberant feeling about welcoming in the New Year, don’t you think? To me, it represents new beginnings, unlimited possibilities, a clean slate, a renewed promise to myself to be the healthiest I can be, and so on…

I’ve been hearing so many positive comments recently about creating a vision board for the new year. I was recently getting my hair styled for an upcoming wedding and the stylist confided in me that he literally manifested so many of the things he had dreamed about and desired last year because of his own vision/ or dream board. He even has found a woman that he’s very much in love with and they are now living together! 

The idea is to align your subconscious mind to your highest hopes and wishes. This exercise is simply a valuable tool for setting your intentions. You can cut out pictures from magazines, collect fabric swatches, anything that resonates with your desires. Download and print your favorite quotes…anything that personally speaks to you will work!

Lay out the items without permanently fastening them down to get an idea of how it looks and feel to you. Have fun arranging the visual reminders of what you are aligning your goals, hopes and dreams to. According to my hair stylist, he made a habit of looking at his vision board first thing when he woke up in the morning and right before going to bed. The idea is that if you see it regularly, the reminder will help you focus on reaching your goals.

According to Melissa Barker, a Wellness Coach in Australia, as told to the Huffington Post Australia, “Vision Boards are created to ground and inspire. They connect you to who you are (your authentic self) and what you’re about (your passions),  and allow you to set intentions and gain clarity and focus on your aspirations.” 

Hang your special personal vision board where you can see it every single day. If you decide you’d rather create one digitally there are options for that like the “Vision Board App”, and others. For me, I like to search through magazines, books, and online (to print), and then cut and arrange to create my unique selections of things I’m consciously heading toward in the new year.

You can find so many inspirational ideas on Have fun and get ready to see some of your wishes turn into your new reality. Remember, look at your board every day for positive reinforcement. Share with me below if this is something you’ve done before and what your results have been.

Sending each of you blessings for the Happiest & Healthiest New Year in 2018.

Kathleen XO

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