Kitchen Beauty Hack/ Hand Scrub

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I love to be as eco conscious as I possibly can, so I  brew my coffee at home and use my glass Chemex. I use organic fair trade coffee because I like to do my part for the environment and support small businesses.

However, I still own a Keurig coffee maker. Life happens, and sometimes you need to get out the door fast. It always bothers me about the “cute little plastic cups” that are left over after the perfect coffee portion has been served.

I decided to open up the little coffee cup and make a hand scrub! It’s the perfect amount for one or two hand applications.

Step 1~ Wait until the coffee grinds have cooled down. I leave the cup in the machine until I get home from work.

Step 2~ Use whatever wonderful oil you have in your kitchen. I like organic extra virgin olive oil. But use whatever you happen to have: avocado, MCT, safflower, etc.

Step 3~ Empty cup contents onto a dish or bowl. Add enough of the oil to moisten the grinds. Add a drop or two of any essential oil you have (or not). I love peppermint oil because it’s so invigorating. Mix completely, the apply to your hands and lightly scrub. Leave the mixture on for a couple of minutes while you massage your hands. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. You won’t believe how great your hands feel. You’ve exfoliated any dead dry skin away and added a great dose of monounsaturated fatty acids for softening!

Enjoy the aromatherapy benefits as well if you do decide to add an essential oil. Breathe in the aroma and enjoy your little moment of self-care time that’s just for you.

Don’t forget to recycle your little Keurig plastic cup!

Do you have any DIY Beauty Hacks that you’ve discovered? Share with me!

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Be Well~ & Remember to find Beauty in Simplicity XO

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