Guest Post by Britanie Faith/ The Art Behind “Smudging”

I’m so excited to share with you today a special guest post by Britanie Faith!

CLEANSING | The Art Behind “Smudging”

Smudging is an ancient and sacred ceremony. Before you begin, you need to center yourself because you want to participate in this process with full, clear awareness and do the smudging in a slow and mindful manner. You can make it as simple or elaborate as you wish. One of my favorite books is by Jane Alexander: The Smudging and Blessings Book: Inspirational Rituals to Cleanse and Heal.

Cleansing/ Smudging/Sacred Bowl Blessing, different names for clearing out old and negative energies from yourself or your space. I feel like sometimes we forget how much energy can affect our health and well being. Making sure to properly and regularly cleanse in order to welcome and draw in new positive energy is an extremely important step to invite  new opportunities to fill up your life.

People and the homes we inhabit are not just made of physical matter. Our bodies and surroundings also vibrate with subtle invisible energy (Chi, Prana). This sacred technique clears away emotional and psychic “debris” that may have gathered over the years. I consider this process regular spiritual cleansing. Aside from clearing out negative energies, these practices may also help to purify the air, diminish allergy symptoms, increase well-being, decrease anxiety and better balance your nervous system. I know I just “feel better” in every way when I complete this technique.
Before you begin, be sure the area you are planning to smudge is well ventilated because the smoke, carrying the negative energy, must have an escape route.  Take normal precautions to prevent an unwanted fire, such as placing your smudge stick in a bowl or shell on a non-combustible surface.

RITUAL | Clear & Balance

You will need: A smudge stick, bowl or shell, matches.

I start my cleansing ritual by smudging the entire house (or if I’m in a hurry I’ll just do my immediate surroundings) with a smudge stick while focusing my thoughts and positive intentions on each area.  I then spritz the Fig+Yarrow Atmosphere Mist to further assist in cleansing and purifying. I leave Palo Santo incense sticks (unlit) and some type of crystal out (Rose Quartz has been what I’ve been particularly drawn to, perhaps because this stone promotes unconditional love in every aspect of life). Doing these simple yet extremely effective practices makes my mind and soul feel at ease. It also makes your surroundings feel more balanced and purified of stagnant energies.

Another must have for me are Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps. I own two and plan to collect more in time. These lamps not only help to purify the air, clear toxins, but they omit such a beautiful light that you cannot help to feel better and calmer when looking at the glow they emit.

I also use essential oil diffusers daily. For cleansing essential oils I recommend PeppermintLemon + Lavender. (the oils I linked to are my absolute favorite. You can actually buy the three of these oils together as well.) This is my favorite mixture because it works almost as an adaptogenic. If you are feeling stressed, the Lavender can help to ease anxiety or nervous tension. If you are in need of energy, Peppermint acts as a natural stimulant. If you’re feeling low or having allergies, Lemon works as a detoxifying and mood booster. I find the three of these diffused together perform more effectively than when used alone. They work in harmony and I not only feel better but can breathe easier.

Do you practice smudging or purifying your surroundings? I’d love to hear what your thoughts and rituals are on this topic!

Love, Health & Blessings,


Thank you Britanie!!

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