Season For Self Care

cropped-brooke-lark-3319771.jpgFamily traditions and festivities during the holiday season can bring up so much emotion. It’s the perfect time to make sure you allow yourself time for quiet and peaceful activities that you personally enjoy.

If you can afford a spa day, book it for yourself. If not, then there are so many wonderful recipes online that you can create for bath and body products using ingredients you can purchase at your health food and grocery store.

Try a homemade sugar body scrub. It’s simple to make:

Take one half cup of organic sugar, mix in enough olive oil to moisten. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Combine all ingredients and apply to your body in the shower. Be careful not to slip! This mixture will slough off all the dry dead skin cells from the cold weather and you will be left with extra smooth skin.

Some other ideas to keep your holidays healthy:

Make sleep a priority. Allow yourself a nap if you feel tired.

Drink that filtered water.

Take a few minutes per day to enjoy reading.

Get outside and breathe in the fresh air.

Do some form of activity that you enjoy to keep your heart healthy.

Don’t focus on all the materialism of the holiday season. Turn off the TV for extended periods of time. All that advertising isn’t good for mental health!

Play your favorite uplifting podcasts or listen to your favorite music.

Connect with the people that you love. This is really what the holidays are  about. It’s not the “things” that are important in the end. It’s always about the memories that you make, and the people that you love.

Enjoy this special season~